Local nudists say it's all about relaxing at places where you can shed your clothes. If you're looking to drop your clothing and enjoy social nudity with others of like mind, for reasons of health, body acceptance, relaxation, and getting closer to nature, you're in the right place.

A non-landed group means they don't have a facility that they own. They regularly holds nude gatherings in private homes, exclusively-rented facilities, and public areas commonly used for nude recreation. Both day and evening events are popular as well as weekend getaways.

Typical activities for most groups include house parties and potluck suppers. In the winter, they have indoor nude swims and hot tub parties, while in the summer, there are visits to nude beaches and swimming holes, and nude camping and hiking. There are also visits to landed nudist camps both locally and nationwide.

Social nudity is not by itself sexual, and is certainly less titillating than skimpy costumes on textile (clothed) beaches. Most naturist groups will go out of their way to discourage sexual activity in public, in order to combat the perception that nudity equals sex.

Many people join a local non-landed group that is easier to attend than a landed nudist park that is just too far away to join or visit on any regular basis.

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